This famous pressed cooked cheese comes from the region in France, Savoie and is easily recognizable by its concave heel. Its peculiar shape originally enabled the cheeses produced during the summer to be strapped down for easier transport to the cellars in the valley. Summer Beaufort is made with milk produced from June through October, when the cows are still in the pastures. Beaufort ‘chalet d’alpage’ is also made in the summertime but is specifically produced from the milk of a single herd of cows!

Wheel with a thin, smooth brown rind dotted with white spots. The cheese is very smooth, dense, homogenous and free of holes; the colour is more or less yellow depending on the production season.

Flavours & sensory qualities

Its fruity taste and creaminess is highly prized. Beaufort is a very distinctive cheese without being strong. It can sometimes feature surprising pineapple flavours.

Great with

Beaujolais or Vintage Port.