Fourme d’Ambert

It has a thin, downy, stone-grey rind. Its colour is ivory white, looking aerated and sprinkled with blue-grey spots that form in the holes; sometimes showing blue veins.

The history of Fourme d’Ambert is documented from the first feudal eras, around the 8th century. However, it is likely that the cheese was already being made in the Arvernes area before the Roman conquest.
It originated in the Monts du Forez, where summers are hot, winters are long and cold.

Flavours & sensory qualities

Soft, creamy texture that melts in the mouth; slightly salty flavour with distinctive musty blue cheese aroma and taste, but still well-rounded and not overpowering.

Great with

Sauternes or similar dessert wines, with a drizzle of honey.